Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome Bulgaria प्लाव्दिव

Dear Friends ,
नमस्ते and as Nada Ji said to me welcome to international day in Hindi Greetings !!!!!
I am thankful to mouna ji to give me a opportunity to share my time and knowledge with you
I am aware of your interest in Hindi and Indian culture no doubt Hindi is a Door to India. Once I asked a friend of mine from Poland that why she like Hindi she told that it sounds good even if we dont understand it infact this language has its own lyrics and style of delievery some call it language of songs also .
Today we shall go by very basics Varnamala and few elementary things and First lesson of Rupert snell teach your self
Heres a Link of presentation please open it and tell me if u could see it or not pls desable Popup bloaker if it is on
feel free to chat or ask ur question in between I shall try to answer them but pls ask things relevant to topics covered to keep the flow of lessons
Here are few links where you can enjoy varnamala excercises and practise them I will post some more useful links later
1 Hindi Script Tutor
2 Pronounciation
I shall post some more excercises also Later You can ask your queries to me by sending me comments u need a gmail account for it
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Whose, When?

Whose, When?
Kiskaa, kiski or kiskee
Whose book is this? This is Rini's book.
Yeh kiski kitab hai? Yeh Rini ki kitab hai.
Whose pen is this? This is your pen.
Yeh kiskaa kalam hai? Yeh tumhara kalam hai.
Whose dog is this? This is Vicky's dog.
Yeh kiskaa kutta hai? Yeh Vicky ka kutta hai.
Whose house is this? This is Lucy's house.
Yeh kiskaa ghar hai? Yeh Lucy ka ghar hai.
Whose school is this? This is my school.
Yeh kiskaa vidyalay hai? Yeh mera vidyalay hai.
When do you go to school? I go to school in the morning.
Tum school kab jate ho? Mai school subah jaataa hoon.
When do you play? I play in the evening.
Tum khelate kab ho? Mai sham ko khelataa hoon.
When do you sleep? I sleep in the night.
Tum kab sote ho? Mai raat me sota hoon.
Word Bag.
book - kitab, pen - kalam, dog - kutta, house - ghar, school - vidyalay, morning - subah, night - raat, go - jaanaa, play - khelanaa, sleep - sonaa,
Try It Out.
1. Say in Hindi
Whose advice you will follow?
I'll follow my friends advice.
Whose motorbike you are riding?
I'm riding my brother's motorbike.
Whose ducks are those?
Those are Sloane's ducks.
When do you visit your dentist?
I visit my dentist once every month.
When are you going to Miami.
I'll go to Miami during my holidays.
2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)
advice, advise
duck, ducks
ride, riding
dentist, doctor
holidays, vacations
3. Learn more Hindi words related to time and persons.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Who, What, Where?

Who Kaun
What Kyaa
Where Kahan

Who is he?
He is Gopal. Woh kaun hai?
Woh Gopal hai.
What is he?
He is a farmer. Woh kyaa hai?
Woh ek kisan hai.
Where is he?
He is in his field. Woh kahan hai?
Woh apne khet mein hai.
Who is she?
She is Mrs. Singh. Woh kaun hai?
Woh Mrs. Singh hain.
What is she?
She is a teacher. Woh kyaa hain?
Woh ek adhyaapika hain.
Where is she?
She is in her classroom. Woh kahan hain?
Woh apne kaksha mein hain.
Who is he?
He is Manav. Woh kaun hai?
Woh Manav hai.
What is he?
He is a student. Woh kyaa hai?
Woh ek vidyaarthi hai.
Where is he?
He is in his room. Woh kahan hai?
Woh apne kamra mein hai.
Who are they?
They are Ram and Shyam. Woh kaun hain?
Woh Ram aur Shyam hain.
What are they?
They are vendors. Woh kyaa hain?
Woh dukaandaar hain.
Where are they?
They are in a market. Woh kahan hain?
Woh ek bazaar mein hain.
Who are you?
I am a girl. Aap (informal.Tum) kaun ho?
Mai ek ladki hoon.
What is your name?
My name is Sophia. Aapka (informal.Tumhara) naam kya hai?
Mera naam Sophia hai.
What are you?
I am a student. Aap kyaa (karti) ho?
Main ek vidyaarthi hoon.
Who are you?
We are boys. Aap kaun ho?
Hum ladke hain.
What are your names?
My name is Raja and his name is Rana. Aapke naam kyaa hain?
Mera naam Raja hai aur uska naam Rana hai.
What are you?
We are students of St. Paul's School. Aap kyaa hain?
Hum St. Paul School ke vidyaarthi hain.

Word Bag.
farmer - kisan, field - khet, teacher - adhyaapak (f. adhyaapika), classroom - kaksha, student - vidyaarthi, room - kamra, vendor - dukaandaar, market- bazaar, girl - ladki, boy - ladkaa(pl. ladke), name - naam

Try It Out.
1. Say in Hindi

Who is she?
She is Pinky.
What is she?
She is a nurse.
Where is she?
She is in the hospital.
Who is he?
He is Raman.
What is he?
He is a football player.
Where is he?
He is in the stadium.
2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

3. Find more Hindi words that represent/describe other professions and their places of work

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What Is.. It/This/These/That/Those?

What is Varun doing?
Varun is playing.
Varun kyaa kar rahaa hai?
Varun khel rahaa hai.
What is Rini carrying?
Rini is carrying a book.
Rini kyaa le jaa rahi hai?
Rini ek pustak le jaa rahi hai.
What is in the basket?
An apple is in the basket.
Tokri mein kyaa hai?
Tokri mein ek sev hai.
What is mother doing?
Mother is reading the newspaper.
Maa kyaa kar rahi hai?
Maa samachar-patra padh rahi hai.
What is the time?
It's 8 o'clock.
Samay kyaa huaa hai?
Abhi aath baje hain.
What is it?
It's a pencil.
Yeh kyaa hai?
Yeh ek pencil hai.
What is it?
It is a door.
Yeh kyaa hai?
Yeh ek darwazaa hai.
What is This?
This is a lock.
Yeh kyaa hai?
Yeh ek taalaa hai.
What is this?
This is a bat.
Yeh kyaa hai?
Yeh ek balla hai.
What are these?
These are books.
Ye kyaa hain?
Ye pustaken hain.
What are these?
These are balls.
Ye kyaa hain?
Ye genden hain.
What is that?
That is a car.
Woh kyaa hai?
Woh ek car hai.
What is that?
That is a ball.
Woh kyaa hai?
Woh ek gend hai.
What are those?
Those are zebras.
Woh kyaa hain?
Woh sab zebra hain.
What are those?
Those are vegetables.
Woh kyaa hain?
Woh sabzian hain.

Word Bag.

To Play - Khelna, To carry - Le janaa, Basket - Tokri, Apple - Sev, Newspaper - Samachar-patra, To read - Padhna, Time - Samay, o'clock - Baje, Door - Darwazaa (pl. Darwaaze), Lock - Taalaa (pl. Taale), Bat - Balla (pl. balle), Ball - Gend (pl. Genden), Book - Pustak, kitab (pl. pustaken, kitaben), Vegetable - Sabzi (pl. sabzian)

Try It Out.

1. Say in Hindi

  • What is that?
  • That is a dog.
  • What are these?
  • These are animals.
  • What are those?
  • Those are ducks.
  • What is this?
  • This is my house key.
  • What is the time now?
  • It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

  • dog, dogs
  • animal, animals
  • duck, ducks
  • house, houses
  • key, keys
  • am, pm
3. Find more Hindi words that represent/describe other names (nouns).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

10 personalised Sentances दस व्यतिगत वाक्य

1 Name : नाम् : मेरा नाम ......... है.
My name is .......... Mera naam ........ hain
You can observe the word order in Hindi is different from English
Subject + Modifiers/Object + Verb (Verbal Phrase)
2 Age : उम्र: मेरी उम्र ............... है
Meri Age ..... hain Meri umra ..... hain
Pronoun is gender specific (age is a feminine Gender so Meri for Masc. Mera
3 Gender : लिँग : मै एक आदमी/औरत/लडका/लड्की हु
I am a Man/Women/Boy/girl . main ek aadmi / aurat / ladkaa/ Ladkii. hun

hindi dont have articles like english sometime ek is used to denote one or a
4 Living :निवास : मै ......... से हु
I am from ........ Main ....... se hun or main ...... ka rehne wala hun
5 Work : कार्य : मै एक ........... हु
I am a ............ Main ek .......... hun .
6 Likes : पसँद :मुझे ............पसँद है
I Like ....... Mujhe ......... pasand hain
7 Dislikes :नापसँद मुझे ...............पसँद नही है
I dont Like ........ Mujhe ........ pasand nahee hain
nahee denotes No or Dont as in this case
8 Friend : दोस्त : मेरा ........... दोस्त है
........... is my Friend . ......... mera dost hain .
9 Possession : सँपती : मेरे पास एक कार / कँपयुटर /सायकल / मकान है

I have a Car/Computer/Bicycle/House . Mere paas ek car/Computer/Cycle/Makaan hain .
It is not necessary you use specific Hindi word for every English word . Some English word are taken as they are in Hindi Language (Tatsam word to term such words)
10 : Why I learn Hindi . मै हिन्दी क्यो सीख रहा हु Main Hindi Kyun Seekh raha(M)/rahi(F)hun .
I am learning Hindi because main Hindi seekh rahee hun Kyunki
- I love learning New Language . Mujhe nayee bhasha seekhna pasand hain

मुझे नयी भाषा सीख्नना पसँद है
- I have Indian Friend . Mere Indian dost hain

मेरे भारतीय दोस्त है
- I Love an Indian . main ek Indian ko Pyaar karti(F)/karta(M) hun

मुझे एक भारतीय से प्यार है
- I Love India . Mujhe Bharat pasand hain .

मुझे भारत से प्यार है

Excercises :- Pick up Nouns and make list of Nouns and ask the Nouns meaning in the conference

Scripts : Dear friends Script knowledge is very necessary if u r learning any language I suggest you to try to type Hindi words small sentance I have observed if u able to type Hindi scripts it tremandously increases hindi Learning

Giving you a link try out learning Hindi words

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dear Hindi Lovers ,
Tajmahal has been Voted highest among the new 7 wonders recently announced at Lisbon .Congratulation to you all for making the Taj world Number 1 Wonder Check out this slide show to see various Faces of Tajmahal

Agra - Taj Mahal & Red Forth
MY Introduction Mera Parichay

My name is Pratik Mera naam Pratik Hain (NAME)
I am 32 years Old Main Battis Saal ka/ki Hun (AGE)
ka for male ki for female
I am an Indian Main ek Bhartiya Hun (COUNTRY)
I am a Teacher Main ek Sikshak Hun (PROFFESION)
I Like Soccer Mujhe Soccer Pasand hain (LIKES)

Below is a presentation showing basic Hindi things please go through that